Heavens Gifts

Some several years ago my husbands mom passed away and my own mother just three years ago. Both leaving an over abundance of personal belongings and Collectables. This was no easy task on-both of our parts having to seperate all Collectables and furniture from what was just yard sale items. Now keep in mind this was on two separate occasions, the frist time was when my husband had to fly from Florida to Connecticut . While back home, my husbad had to put his dad in a nursing home and pick out a casket for him and sign the house and car over to them. This was very emotional for him, and now being on a time limit to clean out their house the clock was ticking. It was quite  the education for us, for his mom was an advit  collector all of her life . Mom had items and collectibles from the early 1800s to the 1980s. Her house was so full you couldn’t even walk through it and only had little paths to get around in. This was a monumental task that had changed his life, an as he realized her motives of why she collected, and in the process found his past.  Three years ago while I was still attending college we dicided to move in with my mom. So we rented out our home that my husband had built and moved in with her. My mom was around 85 years old. She loved the idea to have us living with her. Now we wouldn’t have to worry about her an if she was alright. We took good care of my mom and my husband loved to spoil her. Everything was great until mom ended up getting sick. For four months of visiting my mom in the hospital she finally came home, then after a week of being home she went back into the hospital. The next day we thought she’d get out, then the doctor informed us she was not going to make it the rest of the day. This was the worst day of my life. While she was slowly fading away I held her and kept saying I love you so much the best I could through my tears while my mind realed the thoughts of I could never talk to her or hold her again, she would never see me graduate and the deep hole in my heart from missing her so much.

A year later I graduated. I missed my mom not seeing me graduate for she wanted me to and I did with honors. After graduation, I could now grieve for my mom and try to move forward. Since my husband and I went through these hardships, It’s time to sell all the treaures they left behind.

Thanks for reading from Annies Vintage n’ Collectables.